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The Virtual Court helps you quickly and efficiently manage your traffic or criminal case on-line without requiring you to personally appear at the courthouse. Through the Virtual Court you may:

  • enter a plea to all charges
  • request the appointment of an attorney if you cannot afford one
  • request a payment plan for any fines, court costs and restitution
  • pay on-line
  • instantly sign and send documents to the Court
  • schedule your next court date
  • appear at your hearing on-line

The Virtual Court gives you complete access to the Court while protecting your health and safety and removing the time and cost of travel and waiting at Court.

To begin your Virtual Court session, tapclick the "Continue" button below.

Please Note: Virtual Court services are provided to Ohio Courts and your participation in these services constitute official court proceedings which subject you to the jurisdiction and authority of the Ohio court in which your case is pending.